Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sewing Projects

Hasn't this year gone by quickly?  I know I think this every year but truly June was just here and now it's December!  The past few months have really tested me in ways I wish had not been tested.  I know I haven't been present here but hopefully in 2013, I'll be around more often.  There has been quite a bit of turmoil in my department at work.  Every time I believe we have a handle on it, something else comes up.  I have been working night shift and day shift and I haven't had a normal schedule in months.  I just want it to stabilize but I think it will go on for a while.  My boss is trying to get us some help but that's only a portion of the problem.  Anyways, I don't want to dwell on it, especially here.

However, I have been sewing... Of course, not as much as I want!  I believe most women who sew would say this.

I made curtains for my bedroom.  Fabric is from Hawthorne fabrics,  Michael Miller's collection fabric Feeling Groovy in Citron.  When I was looking at it online, it was hard for me to picture how it would look as curtains but I liked the pattern print.  Once I received the material, I was a bit surprised how small the print was which made it look very busy.  I wish the print was bigger.  I love buying fabric online but sometimes it's hard to picture how it really looks in person.  I'm sure I'm not alone in this!  I lined the curtains with twin size flat sheets!  I read someone's blog that recommended doing this.  I loved the idea, it only cost me $20.00 to line all these curtain panels.  

I haven't yet decorated for the holiday but to get me into the spirit of Christmas I made some snowman placemats:

I made the black tablecloth too.  It's made of linen fabric that I had purchased several months ago from; they carry the lowest priced linen.   I find sewing linen a challenge since it's slides around and can ravel easily but I do like it. 

I also sewed this tablecloth (below) from heavily discounted material I purchased years ago.  I believe it's also a linen material.  It's a very 70's print but I think that's the charm of it.  This  was the very first tablecloth I have made.  It's made from 54 inch wide fabric which is great if you don't want any seams.  It was also the first time that I mitered the corners!  It was a bit tricky but after a dozen tries, I can make them!  I learned how to do this from this tutorial from sew4home.  Have you checked out Sew4home?  It's a great site if you need inspiration.  It's full of fun, beautiful projects. 


I also sewed a laundry bag to store our down comforter in.  We purchased a new comforter this year and immediately put it on our bed.  We roasted!  It's not cold enough in Arizona to use it yet.  So meanwhile I needed to store it.  I made this with linen so that our comforter can still breathe!  I used this tutorial from I have to say.   I like that it's lined with no exposed seams.

That's all my show and tell for now.  I hope you all are doing great.

                                                               Sew long for now.... Kim