Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ever Wonder about Sewing Machine Needles?

One of the questions I had when learning to sew was about sewing needles.  How do you pick the correct one for the type of job you're sewing?   I have sewn now for about six years and until today I really didn't know if I was using correct size or type of needles.  I came across a website that changed that for me.  Pat Bravo has a PDF on needles over at Art Studio Fabrics.  I found it very helpful and thought it might help other women who questioned their choice in needles.  Hope it helps!


  1. Yes, good question! :-) I have never changed any needles yet. Thanks for sharing! J.

  2. thanks for sharing! I have found that 90/14 tends to work well for me, but never knew what i should be using... and with weight thread!