Thursday, January 31, 2013

My First Block of the Month

I'm participating in my first BOM!  I'm excited to be a part of a group, it makes feel like I belong to something special.  The reason I signed up for this one is because I really like paper piecing and want to continue to build my skills.  Every month Kristy (from Quiet Play) is posting a new block in her Craftsy shop. Here is the best part: it's free!  Well, it's free for one month but then,  if you need more than one month to complete it, it will cost you some moola.  As you can see, I waited until the very last day in the month to make mine.  I don't recommend doing it this way.  The good news is tomorrow she'll reveal February's BOM.

Here's January's BOM:

Measure Twice Paper Piecing block

The top, bottom and flowered fabrics are from Laura Gunn's collection, Garden Wall.  Top is Grass Bamboo Thicket, flowered fabric is Mural Wee Spring and bottom is Spice Painters.  I purchased the tape measure ribbon years ago and this is the first time I had a use for it.  Of course, what makes this one special is that I managed to sew the end of tape on crooked!  I was going to rip it out and fix it but then I kinda like it being a bit off... It's sort of like me: not perfect but totally within the norm!   


  1. Kim, you are funny! I agree, the tape is absolutely OK! :) Have a great weekend, J.

  2. ooh! I am trying to do this BOM too! Your block looks great!