Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Some Pretty Sewing and Some Sweetness

  Isn't it cute!  I think so.  I used this free tutorial from Noodlehead.   It's called the Open Wide Zipper Pouch.   A cute catchy name for this bag.    The exterior fabric is from Laura Gunn's  Garden Wall, Wind Song in Multi color.  I love that the zipper travels along the back of the pouch and makes it easy to open and shut the bag.  Plus, I believe it gives you more room in the interior.  I made this one for a special lady, Anesthesiologist Emily.  She saw that I was suffering from a major headache when I was working and offered to try Acupuncture on me.  Now everyone who knows me,  knows I hate needles!  It doesn't matter how small.  I know what you are thinking; don't you start IVs on children?  Well, yes I do but it's not my arm!  I know, shameless.  Anyways, my head was pounding and I was willing to give it a try.  Surprising, about an hour later my headache was gone.  I thought she was so kind to help me during her busy day and made this bag in honor of her kindness.

On another note...

I came home from work on Monday and found these on my table:

Thanks Honey

Hope you have a wonderful evening....                      



  1. Kim, your choice of fabric is great, it is really nice!!! And the pouch look pretty, good job! :) And the flowers... sooo nice :) Have a great weekend, Jolana

  2. I hadn't seen that fabric before-- love it! And aren't Anna's tutorials the best? I love all of them!