Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Post!!

I have been thinking for a while to start a new blog.  Taking an on line class has prompted me to get on it!  Isn't it amazing how other people can motivate a change.  So my first post is about the sewing class I enrolled in called Handstitched Camp by Rachel Hauser. Her blog,  Stitched in Color,  rocks in the sewing community.  The class is about slowing down and sewing by hand.  It's kinda nice to think that I'm gonna slow down a bit!   She offered three different variety of the same class, I choose the camp because I felt I would get more out of the class.  It will push me to try and finish my projects on time.  In addition, I like the idea of being able to talk with other women and hear what they are working on.  I'm trying to figure out what projects I would like to try for the first week, reverse appliqué.  She has offered three projects.  Of course, I want to make them all but I need to be practical!  I love the idea of making the quilt so that will be a given for me to do.  I also would like to make the needle book, something that would be very practical for me since I sew all the time and this would be useful.

Photo by Rachel Hauser (Stitched in Color)
Photo By Rachel Hauser (Stitiched in Color)

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