Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I am a Winner!!!

Yesterday while working, I  quickly was looking through my emails and guess what!!!  I received an email from Kristy at Quiet Play.  She's the lady behind this blog hop:

 Practically Paper Piecing

And guess what????

I WON!!!

It made me smile for the rest of the day (actually I'm still smiling!).  That's not always easy when you work in a hospital!  

I won a $20 gift certificate for  Sew Lux Fabrics and Gifts!  I can't wait to go shopping ;)  Thanks Sew Lux for  being a sponsor of  Kristy's PPP blog hop.

Her blog has many post all about  paper piecing.  I actually used her tutorial on paper piecing for one of my first paper piecing projects called The Red Herring

Thanks Kristy for my new addiction!  It's so hard to stop at just one project.  Now I'm cruising the web for PP projects and it's all her fault!!!

Also this week: 

This week is the start of my new work schedule at the hospital.  I'm very excited.  First of all, I will have week ends off with my husband.  Other than vacation days, we haven't spent much time together because he travels for work during the week and I have worked week-ends for a long time.  Well, not any more!!!  I have worked 6am to at least 6pm (usually 7 or 8pm) for so long that my body thinks it's normal to be up at 4:30AM.  My new work hours are from 9:30AM to longer do I need to be up before the roosters!  This feels strange to me right now but I'm sure my body will get use to a new wake up time real fast.  Well since I have a new work schedule, I decided I need to rearrange my home schedule as well.  I now have Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday off.  I have decided to make Wednesday about home.  I'll clean, do laundry, do errands and try to do my shopping all on this day.  On Thursday,  I'll make it my day to enjoy whatever I want.  Which means SEWING ALL DAY!!!  Sounds pretty awesome to me!  Saturday and Sunday I want to devote to Zdenek.  I am working on some outings for us.  I can't wait.    If he has to do any work on these days then I can devote some time to sewing.  I really don't know how this will be for us but I'm sure it will be awesome.

Since it's Wednesday today; my day of cleaning...I decided I would  incorporate some of that cleaning time to making my sewing studio (really a room but studio sounds much grander!)  much more organized.  I'm starting with my awful sewing stash mess....

Everyday for the next week, I will take a basket of disorganized fabric and turn it into a working stash.  I don't even know what fabrics I have because of my lack of organization.  Here's the beginning of my fabric organized:

Now, I need to purchase some small bins so my fabric isn't lost and disorganized.  I also want to organize by color scheme.  I'll post a pic of my success when it happens!

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing to all....


  1. I hope you have fun shopping with your voucher!

    Oh and I'm totally happy to take the blame for the paper piecing addiction! It is way too much fun to keep to myself! ;)

    Good luck with the fabric organisation! It can be a big job but so worth it to have it all sorted by colour!

    I hope the new work schedule goes well for you - and YAY for Sewing Thursday!!

  2. Congrats on your win!!!! And love your organized thinking about your week. My housework often suffers for sewing time and I should be better about that! I also like your idea to organize your stash a little at a time-- makes things more manageable. Can't wait to see the end result!