Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Did It!!!! Finished my Halloween Kitty in time!

I stayed up tonight to finish this!!!  I can enter Quiet Play's Paper Piecing Blog Hop!!!

My finished project.....made in one day!  Doesn't look like much work for one day but trust me...took me several hours.  I love paper piecing.....I just need to do more of it.  Since I'm new to it...I end up using my seam ripper more than I care to.  But practice makes perfect so I'll keep trying.

Sorry about the quality of my pics.  My honey who is on holiday with his family in Europe  has my camera so I'm left with just the camera on my iPad.  Not the best quality but does show off my finished project!


  1. this is amazing! It looks cool photographed on that granite.

  2. Wow! Kim, your finished project look fantastically!!! I definitely have to try it. It looks really great! Jolana

    1. Thanks Jolana...I love paper piecing..once I got the hang of it :)