Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dogwood Blossom, Storm at Sea, Mission Completed

Well, mission was accomplished but I'm not sure I like the results.


When I was done sewing the ten rows of blocks, it didn't measure 20.5" and the end blocks were shy of what they should have been.  So I had to cut into the orange border on all sides.  Then I had to cut a bit more off two sides.  So really nothing measures out correctly.  I'm not liking how bright it is.  I feel like it's glaring at me.  I have read other people's comment when they sowed their Storm at Sea together about how bright it felt to them.  So I know I'm not alone.  Oh well, I'm not going to rip it out.  I invested too much money and time so it will remain this way and hopefully it will grow on me.

Sew long for now....Kim


  1. Wow, your quilt looks great. I still want to make this, but am really behind on this particular project. I still need to do my satin jewels bit... one day!

    1. Elaine...mine aren't done either!!! I'm gonna do them this week end, I promise! I knew I needed to keep going or this quilt would never get finished! I can't believe today Rachael posted the last post on this project. She needs to slow down for me!