Friday, July 27, 2012

Triangle Placemats

 For a couple of days now I have been sewing this ONE placemat.  I had purchased two charm packs with the idea of making these.  I knew that with one of the packs I would make the Redding Block, which would be incorporated in the placemats; the other pack would be used to make the front of the the placemats. I just didn't know what I wanted.  Finally, I decided on triangles.  I just started cutting into the squares without  thought.  BIG mistake.  It's amazing how sometimes you can create something wonderful when you have nothing in mind and the next time you wished you had followed  someone else's lead.  This was one of those times.  Luckily, all is not lost because this is the only one I had created.  Now I plan to do some research on how to sew and arrange triangles together.  I like the overall look of the placemat and dislike the way I have two halves of the pattern side cut and sewn  together.  Most of my points aren't points.  I had taken many squares apart trying to fix them but finally I threw in the towel and said: this is just gonna have to be GOOD ENOUGH... I'm sure you understand.  I plan to keep this one for myself!

                                                                                    Sew long for now...Kim

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  1. I'm such a big believer in sewing for happiness, not perfection :) Gosh I think if I unpicked to get all my points lined up, I'd never get anything sewn!

    Have to say, yours look great in the photo! Loving the Herring block on the back!!